United Kingdom

With the ever increasing complexity of taxation in the United Kingdom and the penalties for non-compliance, individuals are increasingly affected by taxation on earnings and investments.

At Zetland Tax, our services ensure that you understand both your tax obligations and the options you have for future change.

For businesses, we can take care of the administration of complying with tax legislation, including preparing and submitting your corporation tax Self Assessment returns. Self Assessment tax returns are also increasingly being requested from individuals who are working overseas but have a reporting obligation in the UK because of their respective circumstances. We can help preparing your Self Assessment tax returns, including all relevant income such as any business profits or rental revenues. We can determine the information required to accurately complete the tax return, including computing capital gains and inheritance tax liabilities where appropriate.

Our expertise in the areas of both business and personal taxation issues enables us to provide our clients with valuable tax advice.

Corporate & business tax will represent a substantial cost to any profitable business, not only in terms of the tax itself but also in compliance with reporting obligations, investigations with tax authorities and penalties for non-compliance. Our tax advice can help you to minimize your corporation tax payments and relieve you of any administrative burden of complying with tax legislation.

Our advice would also be beneficial for individuals. Whether you have a straightforward query, or have a complex investment portfolio, we can provide you with tax advice to minimize your tax liability and maximize your returns.

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